Guides and Best Practices

Guide for fair and efficient voting in meetings of an industry alliance

Learn how to make the most common voting procedures work. Simple yes/no voting. Voting on a series of options. Voting on a range of numbers.

Guide to facilitate multi-party negotiations between companies

Learn how to create an industry alliance.  How to bring companies to the negotiation table. How to prepare. How to organize efficient negotiation of a legal text. Common pitfalls to avoid.

Guide to chairing an industry alliance meeting

Learn how how to help a group of engineers to find the best technical solutions, without wasting time on endless debate. Learn when to stop the debate and start voting.

Trademark symbol

Guide to choosing the name and logo for a group of cooperating companies

Learn how to find good names and how to design good logos. What is a good logo? The advantage of using a meaningless name. The risk of basing logos on letters and words.