Alliance Management

Cooperating Competitors

Some technologies can only be marketed successfully when competitors cooperate to make their products compatible. We create industry alliances that develop standardized interfaces between products and manage these organizations as a neutral facilitator.

Governance models

The cooperating companies need rules for making decisions and how funding the cooperation. These governance rules can take the form of a joint development agreement or be written in the bylaws of a dedicated legal entity. Treffers Alliance Management will facilitate the multi-party negotiations about the governance model and the goals of a the new alliance.

The choice of governance model will influence how quickly results are delivered, but also how eager the participants will contribute resources, ideas, and people. Alliances that are controlled by a small group of business partners can make decisions quickly but companies outside that inner circle will have little interest to invest.

Meeting facilitators

When a large number of companies needs to cooperate as equal partners, it will help when meetings are chaired by a neutral facilitator. The participants in these meetings represent their company and usually have equal voting rights in meetings. That makes these meetings unlike normal business meetings. In business meetings is is usually clear who is in charge and who will decide the outcome.

A good facilitator gives all participants the opportunity to contribute but prevents endless debate. It is an essential skill to know when the group is ready to make an informed decision.

Certification programs

Many industry alliances use a trademarked logo as indicator that products are compliant with the technical specification. These alliances need a trademark license program linked with technical certification of product compliance. Treffers Alliances Management will develop the license and certification program, and manage the operations.

Our latest publications on the management of industry alliances

Managing Competition Between Interfaces

Managing Competition Between Interfaces

Two interface specifications will compete for adoption when they target the same application and are mutually exclusive (cannot be combined in a single product). Managing competing specifications in separate organizations makes it easier to let the market decide the winner.

Robert’s Rules of Order

Robert’s Rules of Order

Robert’s Rules of Order are brilliant. Robert’s Rules of Order are also problematic. The unusual terminology and complexity make it unsuitable for international groups.

Chairing an Industry Alliance Meeting

Chairing an Industry Alliance Meeting

Meetings of industry alliances are about getting decisions made. It is the responsibility of the chair to organize the decision-making process. The chair is a facilitator, not the decision-maker.

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